Axoplasma at a glance

Axoplasma is a project dedicated to electronic music. The person behind Axoplasma is Matthias Farian, who lives in the Stuttgart area in southern Germany.

I started playing the piano when I was about eight years old. At the age of ten I bought my first keyboard. In 1993 I composed my first tracks as a one-man project called subculture, using a Midi synthesizer and my first software sequencer.

My first album was completed in 1997, featuring mainly techno and trance tracks. But it also contained several ambient and downbeat approaches which heralded the style of my current Axoplasma tracks.

In 2010 I plan to release a new Axoplasma mini-album.
More information on the Axoplasma EP page.


Heavily fascinated by synthesizers and the variety of sounds they can generate (compared to acoustic instruments), I gave up my piano lessons and started experimenting with my first ‘real’ synth back in 1993. Although this was a light bulb moment for me, I was limited to preset sounds.
So I started getting deeper into the theory of sound synthesis by reading books and analysing my favourite records. Trying to clone the sounds was a big help and made me keen-eared.

All this happened in the heights of the techno era during the mid-nineties, and I loved styles like acid techno and trance. So my first tracks were primarily influenced by those styles. With the years I developed a taste for many different electronic genres like ambient, drum and bass, and trip hop. Although being quite diverse I try to balance the genres with my current Axoplasma project.

(Next steps: better sequencers, sound cards, hardware samplers and synths, software synths)

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Stay tuned …