Axoplasma live

Teaser: Perpetual Ice (Ozonic Version)

The fact that I haven’t posted any new tracks for months doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped mak­ing music. I am prepar­ing a set of tracks that can be per­formed live. :)
Here’s a teaser of a high power ver­sion of one of my calmest tracks: »Per­pet­ual Ice«

And here’s my new Face­book Page.

Axoplasma - Versions

Introversion (Preview) [Working Title]

I am cur­rently work­ing on some new ver­sions of tracks what were orig­i­nally released on the »Cor­tex« Album

»Intro­ver­sion« is an attempt to mix no less than five tracks (do you rec­og­nize them?) into some­thing com­pletely new. It com­bines ele­ments of elec­tronic jazz, trip hop, and ambient.

Note: This is not a fin­ished track. It is only a first sketch. Hope you like it. And I am look­ing for­ward to crit­i­cism of any kind! :)

Axo­plasma — Introversion

Derived from Arun Kulshreshtha's "Above the Clouds"


From the upcom­ing »Cloud For­ma­tions EP« — a calm piece feath­er­ing above the clouds.
Close your eyes and relax.

Axo­plasma — Stratocumulus

Derived from Arun Kulshreshtha's "Above the Clouds"

Photo by Arun Kul­shreshtha (

Axoplasma - Protoplasma

Protoplasma (Version 1)

OMG! What hap­pened to Axo­plasma? About half a year with­out any new track post­ing? This has def­i­nitely come to an end!

»Pro­to­plasma« has been around for around three months. It’s derived from the outro of my first promo set »Axo­plasma — In the mix«.

Axo­plasma — Protoplasma



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