Axoplasma et al — Concerto for Keyboards and Space Shuttle

April 12th, 1981
Space Shut­tle Colum­bia on her very first mis­sion STS‑1

Axoplasma et al. — Concerto for Keyboards and Space Shuttle

00:00 Axo­plas­ma — Launch Sequencer
02:25 Translu­nar — First Time into Orbit (Axo­plas­ma’s STS‑1 Remix)
06:29 Axo­plas­ma — Press to MECO (Inter­lude)
08:46 Axo­plas­ma — In Space

Orig­i­nal NASA footage licensed under CC
Orig­i­nal track »First time into orbit« by Translunar

More infor­ma­tion on STS‑1:‑1/mission-sts‑1.html‑1

~ In mem­o­ry of OV-102 »Colum­bia« and the STS-107 crew ~

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