Axoplasma EP

Axoplasma EP (Click to enlarge)

Release Date

Q3 / 2010 (tbd.)


Axoplasma EP (Click to enlarge)
Cover idea of the upcoming Axoplasma EP

Preliminary Tracklist

(subject to occasional modifications)

Brief description of the tracks

    • Defying Boundaries provides a calm arrangement with hints of ambient and chill-out. Slight rhythmic shifts keep it in a constant state of flux.
    • Name Lag (anagram of Gamelan) combines Balinese Gamelan sounds like traditional metallophones and kettle gongs with pure electronic synthesizer sounds, eastern and western scales, hypnotic patterns and raw breaks.
    • Filmtapete is a dark soundtrack suitable for cinematic apocalypses and sci-fi. It provides wide soundscapes and metallic industrial sounds mixed with urban rhythms.
    • Leaving the solar system far behind, Across Kuiper Belt is the soundtrack for interstellar journeys.
    • Somewhere between Melodic Ambient and Big Beat (but originally intended as a trance track), this is Antiport.
    • Unresponsive has no specific melody or rhythm. Several – partly atonal – layers produce an ever-changing soundscape.
    • Inner Conflicts
    • Rocket Science

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