Sync Shaper

Sync Shaper will be the sec­ond album release in 2010. It con­cen­trates on Tech­no, Min­i­mal, and Electronica.

Here’s what the cov­er will look like:

Preliminary Tracklist:

  1. Dio­ra­ma (Relent­less Remix)
    [audio:|titles=Axoplasma — Dio­ra­ma (Relent­less Remix)]
    Down­load Dio­ra­ma MP3 (192 kbit/s)
  2. Nox (Inter­frame Space Mix)
    [audio:|titles=Axoplasma — Nox (Inter­frame Space Mix)]
    Down­load Nox MP3 (192 kbit /s)
  3. Reheat (Man­i­fold Version)
    [audio:|titles=Axoplasma — Reheat (Man­i­fold Version)]
    Down­load Reheat as MP3
  4. Großraumdisko