Axoplasma on the net

Cool­ness, I’ve found some of my Axo­plas­ma tracks on YouTube.

The guys of Eve­Un­dead have a great chan­nel on YouTube fea­tur­ing elec­tron­i­ca. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Axoplasma et al. — Concerto for Keyboards and Space Shuttle

Axoplasma — Antiport

Axoplasma — Perpetual Ice

And there’s even more.

Inspec­tor­Panty has uploaded two of my tracks, too. Make sure to vis­it his Chill­out Lounge on YouTube for more great music.

Axoplasma — Antiport

Axoplasma — Perpetual Ice

New project: Mafia Train Hats

For quite some time, my tracks were a lit­tle bit too diverse to sail under the same flag: Ambi­ent, House, Sound­scapes, Breaks, Chill-out, Pro­gres­sive. In order to sep­a­rate all the dif­fer­ent styles, I’ve start­ed a new project called Mafia Train Hats*.

From now on, Mafia Train Hats (or »MTH«) will con­cen­trate on the more club-like elec­tron­ic styles (eg. House, Pro­gres­sive, Tech­no) where­as Ambi­ent, Chill-out, Down­tem­po etc. remain Axo­plas­ma’s main focus.

*) Mafia Train Hats is actu­al­ly an ana­gram of my name, Matthias Farian 😉