Perpetual Ice

It all began with Able­ton Live’s Loop­er and Absynth.
After the basic sound­scape was fin­ished, it was sliced into lit­tle pieces and trig­gered via Midi key­board. Pitched excerpts of the main loop, pad sounds and some effects were added to cre­ate an evolv­ing sound­scape with both repet­i­tive and ran­dom elements.

Axoplasma — Perpetual Ice 

More infor­ma­tion on the upcom­ing Axo­plas­ma EP can be found here.


- Ambi­ent / Glitch / Sound­scape / Chillout -
There is no spe­cif­ic melody or rhythm. Sev­er­al — part­ly aton­al — lay­ers pro­duce an ever-chang­ing soundscape.

Except for a deep synth bass with some dub delay in the first part, every­thing you hear is derived from a sin­gle basic sound­scape lay­er cre­at­ed with Reak­tor. Mul­ti­ple MIDI trig­gered instances of Absynth use the sound­scape as input sig­nal for mas­sive manipulation.

Enough of drift­ing off into details, have fun!

Axoplasma — Unresponsive [106 bpm]

Part of the upcom­ing Axo­plas­ma EP!