Filmtapete (Re-Mastered)

A dark soundtrack suitable for cinematic apocalypses and sci-fi. It provides wide soundscapes and metallic industrial sounds mixed with urban rhythms.

Filmtapete was one of the first tracks I wrote for Axoplasma. And although I am still positive about its structure and atmosphere, the overall sound certainly lacked of clarity and punch. So this is the result of a complete re-mastering with focus on tonal balancy, transients and loudness. I hope you like it! 🙂

Axoplasma – Filmtapete (Re-Mastered)

More information on the upcoming Axoplasma EP can be found here.


– Ambient / Glitch / Soundscape / Chillout –
There is no specific melody or rhythm. Several – partly atonal – layers produce an ever-changing soundscape.

Except for a deep synth bass with some dub delay in the first part, everything you hear is derived from a single basic soundscape layer created with Reaktor. Multiple MIDI triggered instances of Absynth use the soundscape as input signal for massive manipulation.

Enough of drifting off into details, have fun!

Axoplasma – Unresponsive [106 bpm]

Part of the upcoming Axoplasma EP!